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Neck and Shoulder Pain

"Go Amanda! We love hearing stories like Amanda’s! Amanda, a very youthful 20 year old, is an ardent cheerleader, but her neck & shoulder stiffness, coupled with lumbar scoliosis, was causing her terrible pain, and preventing her from expressing herself fully in her cheerleading. She tried physiotherapy before coming to see us, and after just 10 sessions, she is able to go back cheering without pain! Thanks for sharing and we wish you all the best!"
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“I am a cheerleader and I constantly practice and train for upcoming competitions. I am studying as well for my diploma currently and often face the laptop. I’ve been suffering with this terrible stiffness on my neck and shoulders for quite some time due to [strenuous] exercises as well as lifting my flyers who are about my weight in cheer. I was also diagnosed with mild lumbar scoliosis a few months back and went for physiotherapy before going to YAPCHANKOR. As of today, I’ve felt so much better. I can continue on my daily routine as well as cheering with no pain bothering me. I just really want to say thank you very much to Ganesh for the treatment in helping me to reduce the pain as well as helping me gain back full mobility of my shoulders.” – Amanda

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