We Provide A Better, Non-Invasive

Alternative To Chronic Pain

Who We Are

Since 1979, YAPCHANKOR has treated over 20,000 patients successfully, many with the most chronic muscle and joint problems like slipped discs, knee osteoarthritis, and frozen shoulders.

There is a real medical benefit in our medicine, which delivers the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective treatment for chronic muscle and joint pain today.

How it works

Modern medicine has produced many miracles in treating humanity’s health problems. However, in the area of chronic muscle and joint pain, most treatments have significant downsides.

Modern painkillers block pain signals without treating the root cause, at the expense of severe side effects to your stomach or heart. Opiods prescribed for pain in America have caused a drug overdose epidemic there, resulting in over 70 deaths every day every year.

Many service providers have exploded into this treatment gap, such as chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncturists, physiotherapists and various massage therapists. There is no doubt that most of these can help with providing some relief, but none of them provides a cure-all. Many also are expensive, especially since they only provide short term relief and require many months of sessions.

We believe we have a better solution. By combining a unique Chinese Martial Arts Medicine, which helps reduce inflammation and boosts healing, together with modern physiotherapy, we have produced better results for chronic pain patients in a faster time frame.

Why It Works

With most Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is very difficult to prove that it works. They rightfully deserve to be treated skeptically. However, many Chinese herbs have been studied rigorously by scientists all over the world, and some, like the ones in our special formula, have been shown to have positive benefits like anti-inflammation and regenerative properties.

Furthermore, in the area of chronic pain, there is no deceiving the patient. There are objective ways to measure pain levels, and improvements in functional movement. If the medicine doesn’t work, you wouldn’t expect an improvement in the range of motion for a frozen shoulder case. A patient who couldn’t walk because of a back sprain will not magically walk again if our treatment wasn’t working. Even the placebo effect, as strong as it is, cannot produce a long-term cure.


A Proud History

YAPCHANKOR brings natural and non-surgical relief with our therapeutic exercises, sports injury patches and proprietary medicines. These target every part of the tissue recovery process, whether back or knee pains, sports injuries, or muscle and joint pains.

The study of medicine and martial arts were very closely linked in ancient China. Martial arts teachers needed a knowledge of the anatomy and the fundamentals of first aid when faced with students’ traumatic injuries. As such, the basic study of traditional medicine was essential for serious martial artists.

It was YAPCHANKOR’s ancestor, Yap Feng Qi, who trained at the Shaolin Temple in the early 20th century and learned their secret formulas for the treatment of external injuries.

From 1916 to 1930, his descendants moved to Malaya to teach kung-fu, including Yap Chan Kor’s father, Yap Shu Shen. Shu Shen would become the kung-fu grandmaster of the Chin Woo Stadium, training and treating people for over 50 years. A revered teacher and healer,he passed on his teachings to his son, Yap Chan Kor who eventually established Tabib Yap Chan Kor in 1979 to treat patients..

Flourishing by word of mouth alone, this clinic has now grown over the decades into modern healing centres which blend ancient Chinese medicine and techniques with the use of trained physiotherapists. With the best of both Eastern traditions and Western efficacy, our comprehensive pain treatment has been tried and tested through many generations. We bring forth this long tradition with modern assessments to ensure faster and long-term recovery for our patients.