Fractured Thigh Bone Post-Surgery Recovery


Mr. Lew is one of our proudest moments. To help a man walk again and to regain his livelihood is one of the most incredible outcomes that we achieved. Both his family and his doctors had given up hope that he would ever walk again after his accident. He had not been working for 6 months since the surgery because he could not stand, walk and was reliant on family members for his day-to-day living.

Mr. Lew was hit by a lorry on the highway back to his hometown in Melaka when his car stalled suddenly in the middle of the road, and he did not have time to get out of the way. He woke up in the hospital after surgery to implant intramedullary metal plates to hold the multiple fractures in his femurs (thigh bones) together. 6 months of rehab physiotherapy produced minimal improvements. He was depressed and when he asked his doctor if he would walk again, the doctor said “It’s God’s will”. Lew’s friend Nisha was a patient of us, and told him to try us out. She drove him from Melaka to KL to see Mr. Yap, who proceeded to wrap both his thighs with our Shaolin herbal patches. In just one week, his recovery and healing gave Mr. Lew the confidence to try standing. And soon after to take his first steps. As he says movingly in the video, he and his wife cried that day, because they knew he would walk again. In a month after our treatment, he was also back at work. 

Physiotherapy combined with our medicine is in our view, without any doubt, the gold standard for post surgery rehabilitation of musculoskeletal patients.