Frozen Shoulder Recovery – American skips US doctors to get treated at YAPCHANKOR

In our nearly 40 years of operating our clinics, we’ve come across some amazing stories of people traveling long distances to seek our treatment. Recently however, we had a patient who flew over 7000 miles from Alaska, USA to get his treatment done with us for his frozen shoulder.

The reason he had such faith in our treatment was because we had previously treated his left frozen shoulder before. Michael was working as an expat in Malaysia a couple of years ago, and had seen many doctors and alternative therapists for his shoulder. None of the treatments worked and when he finally discovered us, and saw positive recovery in the shoulder, he was extremely happy and gave us our first testimonial.

Thus when he had another frozen shoulder on his other side, he knew where he should go. Skipping all the doctors and therapists in the US, he came to Malaysia, the one place in the world where we have a treatment that combines the best of time-tested Eastern medicine (and now scientifically verified for its anti-inflammatory properties) and modern medicine’s physiotherapy modalities.

Both times we succeeded in helping heal his frozen shoulder. The video testimonial below was generously given to us by Michael after his second treatment with YAPCHANKOR ended successfully.