Knee Osteoarthritis Recovery with Surgery

Our treatment for knee osteoarthritis is an integrative, non-surgical treatment focusing on physiotherapy, rehabilitation and our proprietary Chinese medicine herbs. This female patient was suffering from severe pain in both knees, but her right knee was more serious. Her pain level was 9/10 in the knee while her left knee was 7/10. Being a housewife who cooked for her family, the pain really affected her daily life. She couldn’t stand long enough to cook, and walking was also not possible for an extended period, and without a walking frame.

After our treatment, the pain improved in her right knee by 67% and in her left by 86%. Functionally, she is now able to return to her daily routine – cooking on her feet and walking around are a lot easier. With exercises, the muscle girth in her knees increased as well. We accomplished this with a daily treatment using our scientifically-proven anti-inflammation Chinese herbal patches and the good work of our physiotherapists.