Wrist Pain

Wrist pain can be caused by sprains or by long terms repetitive stress injuries such as arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. In repetitive stress injuries, if your pain or discomfort is dull or “lenguh” as the Malays say, then it could be due to osteoarthritis. If your pain is of the tingling or pins and needles variety, especially at night, then it could be due to carpal tunnel syndrome.

At YAPCHANKOR, we have helped many people seeking wrist pain therapy in Malaysia to achieve real recoveries that help them to get back to their normal daily life. We understand that severe wrist pain can really affect your life, after all, your hands are so crucial to doing anything. We also know that you may have tried other treatments that did not work and are feeling frustrated that the pain and stiffness has not gone away.

Step 1: Assess

During your first visit to us for your wrist pain therapy, our physiotherapist will examine your wrist, arm and hands for areas of tenderness and swelling. We will also test your range of motion and wrist strength. We will ask you to rate your pain on a scale of zero to 10 and discuss how well you’re functioning with your pain. We focus on real results for our patient, so we make a strong effort to measure your progress throughout our treatment, sometimes with photos and videos too.

If you have already seen a doctor or tried any other treatments, it will be helpful if you brought the report or any X-ray, MRIs or CT scans that you may have.

Step 2: Integrative Therapy

Our wrist pain therapy involves physiotherapy techniques like massage/muscle release techniques, heat, TENs (electrical stimulation), and ultrasound to relax your wrist and the muscles and soft tissues around it. We will then prepare our custom-made and proven herbal medicine patches to wrap around your affected wrist after the physiotherapy session. These patches are worn on your wrist for at least 12 hours, and help with reducing pain and inflammation as well as improving blood circulation and healing rates.

As you improve over the course of our treatment, our physiotherapist will teach you exercises for your wrist. You need to perform these wrist exercises regularly to maintain and improve the recovery you see from our treatment.

Step 3: Results

Our wrist pain patients usually start seeing results within a few days of treatment. Results at this early stage of our treatment will include reduction in pain levels. Wrist pain treatment at YAPCHANKOR can last from one week to 3 weeks, depending on the severity of the condition. Usually a wrist sprain will take a shorter time to recover than a repetitive stress injury. The key to the faster recovery they see at YAPCHANKOR is our proprietary herbal medicine patches which help expedite the body’s healing rates and to reduce inflammation.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome progress at YAPCHANKOR:

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