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Knee Osteoarthritis

"Encik Abdul Hamid, 69 years old, suffered from knee OA or osteoarthritis of the knees. After 21 sessions of our treatment he reports that his knees have improved by 80%, in terms of pain and functionality. Knee OA is a pervasive and painful problem for the elderly, since it is due to the wear and tear on our knee joints and starts afflicting people in the 50s generally. Most remedies today focus on steroid injections or painkillers, but to achieve an 80% improvement without any invasive procedures is a remarkable achievement we are proud of. Thanks for sharing!"
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“I would like to thank your therapists, Umi and Vani, who had treated me during the 21 days of treatments. They had given the utmost help for me to cure me of my illness. The treatments have improved my knees at least around 80%. There is still some persistent pain at times. I hope with more exercises I will regain my strength. Thanks for your help.” – Abd Hamid Zakaria