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Chronic Ankle Injury

"Amir suffered from a chronic ankle injury that was over 15 years old. Given how weak his ankle was, he walked and used the ankle less, and by compensating for the weakness in that one ankle, the strength of the muscles and ligaments in the affected ankle joint gradually started to waste and become weaker. He says that even a small misstep if the ground was not even will cause severe pain. After his treatment at YAPCHANKOR, he regained strength and the pain also disappeared. Thank you Amir!"
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“Kecederaan ankle saya semenjak lebih kurang 15-17 tahun dula sangat teruk. Sedikit kesilapan semasa terpijak jalan tidak rata atau terseleh step akan mendatangkan kesakitan. Alhamdulillah setelah mengalami rawatan di sini, ankle saya bertambah kuat dan kesakitan lama semakin hilang. Terima kasih.” – Amir

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