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Pain Management

"PAIN MANAGEMENT | AMPA Ampa, 48, came to us reporting weakness and stiffness on the right side of her body. She had multiple problems, including cervical and lumbar spondylosis, a mild case of Parkinson’s, and mild stroke. We could only help her manage her pain, which was a 9 or 10 on a 10 point scale when she first came. She could not change out of her clothes independently at first. After our pain management program which she completed in about 1 month, her pain reduced by about 50%, and she could wear her clothes independently with only a slight discomfort. With the exercises and home education program we taught her, we hope she will continue to make improvements at home. Thank you Ampa and we wish you all the best!"
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“I have suffered [from] pain for more than 3 years. My half body progressively getting stiff until it’s limited my movement. Since I cannot write, I just want to thank you YAPCHANKOR, especially Vaharli for their kindness to treat my sickness. Even though I have not fully recovered, but half of my pain has gone.” – Ampa