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Ankle sprain

"“Excellent expertise and outstanding customer service!”"
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Aisah was wrongly diagnosed by her doctor as suffering from gout when she experienced severe pain and swelling in her ankle. We diagnosed her problem as an ankle sprain to the ligament and treated her with a combination of our proven Chinese medicine patch and physiotherapy modalities. Within 1 day, her swelling and pain reduced greatly and within 1 week she was almost back to normal. Thank you Aisah for sharing your story.


Ankle sprain Aisah YCK Testimonial
Ankle sprain Aisah YCK Testimonial
“I had massive swelling on my foot with excruciating pain. Doctors initially treated me for gout and later discovered it was not due to gout (after blood test). I was then recommended to YCK centre by a friend. I was advised to take 14 sessions of treatment after diagnosing the injury type. After the 1st session, the swelling reduced by 75% and pain reduced by 50%. After 5 sessions, there was no more swelling or severe pain. I am now getting back to normal surely... Excellent expertise and outstanding customer service!”