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Knee Osteoarthritis

"“I am Annie P. When I came here, I had bad swelling in my both knees and ankle also pain. I have seen many orthopaedic doctors and was recommended for knee replacement. After my therapy here, my swelling has reduced and also the pain has reduced. The care and treatment by Azlan is great. Good and very caring. Thank you to Azlan and all the staff here.” – Annie P. "
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Annie suffers from severe knee OA (osteoarthritis) before she came to see us. Her pain was excruciating, measuring around 6 on a 10 point scale. She could not bend her knees below 90 degrees much. Her orthopaedic doctors advised her to do knee replacement surgery. However, because of her understanding of possible complications that could result from surgery, she did not want to go for surgery.

She came and was attended to at our Shah Alam centre for 21 sessions. At the end, her pain reduced to around 2/10 and she could bend her knees below 90 degrees. She was quite satisfied with this result, as she can now manage her pain better.

Thank you Annie and we hope you continue with the exercises we taught you!

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