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Chronic Neck Pain

"Azlina’s story is the reason why our service exists! She had given up hope on treating her chronic neck pain after previous therapies tried did not work, but within 10 sessions with us, she began to see great progress. And after she completed her recommended sessions, she saw vast improvements. Previously her chronic neck pain was affecting her quality of life badly, causing her great pain in work and sleep. Thank you for sharing your story here Azlina!"
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“I have been diagnosed as having chronic neck pain due to long hours at the office working on a laptop. Although the diagnosis was correct, the subsequent physio treatments did not treat the problem. I continued to suffer great pain, affecting my work, rest and sleep.

When I found out about YCK, to my great surprise, comprehensive explanation was given by the physiotherapist Najihah, on my condition. She even informed me there was slight impingement. I was very satisfied as I understood my conditions clearly and due to that, the treatment prescribed to me made complete sense as well.

After 20 sessions, I have made vast improvements. Progress was already visible even after about 10 sessions. I am so relieved and happy that I finally got my life back as I had initially thought that my condition cannot be treated.” – Azlina

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