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Cervical Spondylosis

"“I had my neck, shoulder and hip pain for long time (few months). I had been to many places for treatment but it doesn’t help till I came to YAPCHANKOR for treatment. I do feel a tremendous release on my neck and shoulder about 85% cure. I had done 7 sessions on my hip, I do feel a lot of improvement. Overall I am very satisfied with this treatment at YAPCHANKOR especially your therapist Janna. She is very patient, helpful, pay attention to my complaints. She does her very best to treat me to recovery. In case I need to further treat my hip (treatment), I will definitely come back here. I wish to say a big thank you to Janna who had taken care of me.” – Belinda * I really like the medicine (patch). It is very soothing and comfortable. "
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Belinda (65 years old) came to us after suffering many months from neck pain (due to cervical spondylosis), shoulder and hip pain. We treated these various areas, especially her neck. Gladly, she is almost fully recovered (85% in her assessment) and felt a huge release from the tightness and pain in her neck after our treatment. She also loved the patches we used! Thanks very much Belinda!

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