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Foot Injury

"Bruce suffered from pain whenever he walked because of a foot injury. He could hardly put any weight on the foot and went to orthopaedic doctors for treatment. When they could not help him, he sought our alternative treatment, and after 21 sessions, his foot has improved tremendously so that he can put weight on it and walk again. Thanks for sharing your story Bruce!"
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“I was having a foot injury for quite some time and seeing orthopaedics for treatment, but the result was far from satisfactory. Then, I decided to surf the net and came across YAPCHANKOR, which is specialising in pain treatment. I went to Ampang branch and met their physiotherapist, Susilawati, who explained thoroughly the kind of treatment required.

Under her care, the pain I felt was disappearing and now I am able to put [my foot] down to walk again.” – Bruce L

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