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Knee Ligament Sprain

"“Before coming to YAPCHANKOR, I was considered as pretty athletic (putting all my efforts into sports) but I couldn’t do much since I would always have pain around my knee area. Not sure how I got injured but I tried relieving the pain by exercising more and working out more which is just making it worse. I feel much better [now] and I can run more and do so much more without feeling much pain on my knees and I feel really happy about it because sports takes a big part of my happiness. Other than that, I would really like to say thank you to Ganesh for helping and treating me. He is a kind soul and a really nice person. In addition to that, he is very responsible. Thank you.” – Chin YY"
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This is a story we love sharing….it’s why we exist and want our treatment to be known by more people. 16 year old Chin loved sports, but her knee ligament sprain was causing her too much pain. She tried fixing it herself with exercises but it didn’t work, but having undergone our treatment for just 3 weeks, she has recovered so much that she’s now able to go back to her love of sports! Thank you for sharing and hope you have a long pain-free sporting career!

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