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Wrist Pain

"Mr. Chong, a senior suffering from wrist pain and numbness, due to tenosynovitis, and also knee osteoarthritis, came to YAP CHAN KOR after trying many other treatments, including taking the usual prescription painkillers that doctors normally give for musculoskeletal pain. He was used to walking with the aid of a walking stick, but after we treated his knee OA, he has been able to walk more frequently without the aid of the stick. His pain and numbness also reduced substantially. Thank for sharing your story Mr. Chong!"
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“The treatment and services of the physiotherapist (My and Brian) are good and patient to provide their services. The medicine especially massage by using the cream are quite effective. 

I got the hand (wrist) swollen and pain for numbness of ( ) and after massage and put on the medicine by YCK, the hand is now much better and recovering after I had tried other treatment in many places, inclusive seeing doctor (giving painkiller). It is glad that I came to YCK for treatment.” – Chong PK

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