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Collarbone fracture

"...motorbike accident, left collar bone fracture."
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Mano fractured his clavicle or collar bone in a motorcycle accident. The collarbone is the thin bone that connects your breastbone to your shoulder blade. When someone suffers a collarbone fracture, there will typically be a lot of pain and swelling, followed by a difficulty in using your arm. Mano could not lift his arm and could not play badminton as a result of his injury.

Usually doctors say that you should let the collarbone fracture heal on its own, and it can take 6 to 12 weeks. In Mano’s case, he recovered after our treatment in just 2 weeks of treatment session. Our recovery plans always focus on patient’s long term healing, not just short term relief, which is why Mano could go back to playing badminton. Thanks for sharing your story Mano!

Collarbone fracture testimonial from Mano 2018 YCK
Collarbone fracture testimonial from Mano 2018 YCK

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My injury was motorbike accident, left collar bone fracture. After treatment at YAPCHANKOR, my pain recovered.  Now I can move my hand normal and also can play badminton because I am left handed.