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Lower Back Pain

"“Hello! I am Farzan. I came to Yapchankor to get treatment for my back pain. I’ve got an ACL injury early this year which result in my limited movement and I work in an office environment where most of the time I’m just sitting while doing my work. I’ve been suffering mild back pain since March and went for consultation and massages a few times outside Yapchankor. After Raya, my pain escalated, my back felt so tight such that I can’t move any parts of my body. So I decided to go to Yapchankor the next day. At Yapchankor, I received 3 in 1 (physiotherapy, consultation and chinese medicine) treatment. Due to this, I’ve come to know the root cause of my pain: wrong body posture. Pain has slowly reduced and I got to learn the correct body posture. Besides, I gained knowledge about how to do proper stretching and body strengthening. Overall, I am very satisfied with treatment I received here.” – Farzan "
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Farzan’s story about recovery from his lower back pain emphasises our focus on treating the root cause of muscle and joint conditions that cause pain. He speaks about getting 3 in 1 treatment with us – physiotherapy, chinese medicine and advice on improving his strength and flexibility outside of treatment. We are really happy to read about his progress with his lower back pain problem. Thanks for sharing!

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