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Ankle Sprain

"Ms. Ong’s story is a really wonderful story that is quite common among the patients we see. Earlier this year, Ms. Ong suffered an ankle sprain in both legs, but after numerous visits to doctors and alternative medicine therapists, she still did not recover. After just 5 sessions with us, she started to feel the pain reducing in her ankles, and at the end of the treatment of 14 sessions or 2 weeks, we helped her recover from her ankle sprains. She can now walk normally and there is no more pain. Thank you so much for sharing your story Ms Ong! Glad we could help"
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“I twisted both my ankles on 30/1/2014 (1st day of Chinese New Year). I went to clinic for the treatment and the doctor just gave me painkillers and gel to apply on my ankles. I also went for Chinese traditional treatment but the pain came back on the next day. After 2 weeks of my injury, I went to the medical centre to do an X-ray on both my ankles. Doctor just gave me painkiller and gel to apply on my ankles. My joints are ok as from the X-ray. However, the pain comes back after I stop the painkillers. My colleague introduced me to YAPCHANKOR. I made an appointment for the treatment. First visit, the physiotherapist checked on my injury and planned 14 treatments for me. After 5 treatments, the pain on the ankles were reduced. Now after 13 treatments, I can walk normally and the pain has gone. The physiotherapist provided a list of exercises to improve my leg muscles. YAPCHANKOR really helped me to recover from the injury.” – HP Ong