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Sprained Ankle

" “I am a gymnast and representing state for two years SUKMA. I came to training one night and fell of the beam and sprained my ankle as I hit the ground. That time it was 38 days left to SUKMA. I had no choice but to find a way to heal it a.s.a.p. Next morning my mum wanted to bring me to the normal physio we always go but it’s quite far and apparently we don’t have much time so we decided to go here at YAP CHAN KOR. The first session, I was in pain and couldn’t even put my foot on the ground. But after sessions and sessions, the swelling decreases and I could move my ankle. With the medicine and physio they gave me, I now can walk and even run and train again. Thank you."
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Izni is a gymnast representing her state for the SUKMA games. She sprained her ankle quite badly during her training. When she first came to us, her pain level was very high and she could not step her foot on the ground. After just 7 sessions, she has recovered and was able to go back to train for the next SUKMA games. Thanks for sharing your story Izni!

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