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Knee Pain

"“I have been enduring pain in my knees for 3 years. My knees were getting stiff and less and less flexible but since I was fairly mobile, and since my tolerance for pain is quite high, I was bearing the constant pain. However, I was noticeably limping, having difficulty in going up and down the stairs, getting in and out of a car, driving and the process of sitting and getting up from a chair. I have to literally ‘fall’ into a chair when I want to sit. *(Many of my friends who had been to YAPCHANKOR told me about how effective the treatment is and insisted that I stop suffering the pain and seek treatment in YCK.)  I had not been for any treatment before but I had an X-ray done of my knees and the doctor at the hospital said it was not necessary to refer me to the ortho(pedic) clinic or to the physiotherapist. Instead, I was told to take glucosamine and to do exercises. I had no idea what exercises I should do that would not aggravate my pain. I was disappointed with the doctor’s attitude. I started using a walking stick and my friends were appalled by it! I stay in Taman Melawati near Ampang, but I was recommended to come to YCK at Old Klang Road and see Vicky. I am very glad I did so. I started my treatment on Feb 25th 2015. I was told by Vicky that my condition was chronic. I was promised pain relief and 80% of improvement in my knee joints if I follow the treatment and the stretching and strengthening exercises that would be taught to me. I was also told that these exercises are for life long if I do not want the pain and stiffness to creep back. I did what I was told and in 3 months my pain was gone. I am very satisfied with the treatment I have received in YCK. It’s amazing that the pain has disappeared. I do not limp anymore. There is no more pain when I drive. I can walk up the stairs normally. However, there is still slight stiffness in my knee joints especially when coming down stairs, but I am improving. Vicky is very dedicated and knowledgeable in her work. Moreover, she is very caring, gentle and encouraging. I am totally confident I am in good hands because she is my physiotherapist. In fact, all the staff in YCK are very warm and friendly and they make their clients feel very comfortable. I, in turn, have recommended YCK to my relatives and friends and all of them are equally contented, happy and grateful that such a place like YCK exists not only to relieve us of our pain, but regain our mobility. Thank you Vicky. Thank you YCK.” – Jasotha"
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Wow! We are so happy to get such a detailed effusive testimonial from our recent patient with chronic knee pain. Jasotha’s recovery story from chronic knee pain is written eloquently below, and we will just give a brief summary here:

Before our treatment:

Her knee pain was gradually getting worse, and her knees stiffer
Constantly in pain
Limping, and walking with a stick
Trouble with basic actions like sitting in a chair, climbing stairs
Doctor just advised to take glucosamine supplements without any further advice on proper exercise techniques
After our treatment:

No more pain
No more limp, no more walking stick
3 years of suffering knee pain solved in 3 months of treatment.
Thank you Jasotha for your kind words for us and Vicky! We hope that you’ll continue to improve and do let us know if we can help further!


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