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Knee Osteoarthritis

"“Rawatan yang saya terima beri kesan yang baik. Kaki ringan!” “Terima kasih En. Azlan dari YAPCHANKOR. Rawatan yang saya terima beri kesan yang baik. Kaki ringan! Jalan ada baik sikit dari sebelumnya. Puas hati layanan dan perkhidmatan yang diberi. Tempat bersih. Saya yakin dan percaya ramai lagi pesakit yang akan dapatkan rawatan seperti ini.  Selamat maju jaya! Terima kasih banyak!” – Khalib R."
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Khalib suffered from knee OA (osteoarthritis). This is a condition that affects middle-aged and seniors frequently, and is also known as wear-and-tear arthritis. Typically the symptoms of knee OA involve pain, redness and swelling around the knee joints leading to trouble walking, or standing for long. Conventional treatments use painkillers, physiotherapy and sometimes surgery (total knee replacement surgeries are typical when more conservative methods fail). Most of these conventional methods provide symptomatic relief, with adverse side effects from medications taken.

Our treatment involves physiotherapy too, but is supported with our proprietary herbal medicine patches, which are wrapped around the knees. These help to improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation and expedite healing, which leads to good results for our knee OA patients. Most of our patients report feeling pain reduced substantially and functional movements improve, so that they can get on with their lives better.

Thank you En. Khalib for sharing your recovery story!

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