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Ankle Pain Gout

"“I was a gout patient. And I was overweight. At first the pain was unbearable around my left ankle. Even though sometimes I feel like normal when walking, people around me still asked, why do I walk limping. I took a lot of painkillers before I knew about YAPCHANKOR. Now after few sessions with Yapchankor, all the exercise and patches she gave me , slowly I can run on treadmills again. I can see the swollen area around my left ankle getting less painful and smaller.” – Kharlil"
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We have treated a few gout pain patients successfully. Kharlil is a recent case who had ankle pain from gout. Despite the painkillers he was taking, he still suffered from the pain so much that he was limping. We got rid of the pain and now he is able to run on treadmills. Thanks for sharing your case here Kharlil!

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