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Knee PCL Ligament

"80% improvement success"
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“I am an active footballer and sports(man) last 2 years, and in 2015 my knee felt not comfortable when running and jogging.

2016 I went to MRI and X-ray, found both of my knee PCL a bit (torn) and (the) gap a bit close. 

After 21 treatment sessions with YapChanKor, I feel good and more comfortable. 80% improvement success. So I need to continue to take supplements and physiotherapy for better result. Thanks YCK.”  – Dandy S.

knee_ligament_injury_soft_tissue_yck_yapchankor_dandy_ema Testimonial
knee_ligament_injury_soft_tissue_yck_yapchankor_dandy_ema Testimonial
An avid footballer and athlete, Dandy suffered from minor tears in his knee PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) a few years back. He had tried some treatments that his orthopaedic doctor prescribed but when he didn't see satisfactory results, he came to YAPCHANKOR. We succeeded in getting his pain and functional levels to improve by 80% based on various measures. Thanks Dandy for sharing your story!