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Knee Osteoarthritis

" “I had a stroke on the left side of the body since March 1999. The condition getting better, and now still using stick when walking. After few years, I experienced pain at the right knee and [swelling] of the leg. I went to YAPCHANKOR for the treatment. After 21 days treatment, I feel better and the [swelling] reduced a lot. The pain still around, I have to manage and maintain with exercises. i’m very lucky to have Janna as my therapist, such a nice person and very good services. Thank you so much.” – Lee M."
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Lee M. came to us when the pain in her right knee became unbearable and there was significant swelling in the leg. We recommended a 21 session treatment plan, at the end of which, we managed to reduce her pain and the swelling, while allowing her to get on with her life with exercises to maintain the knee strength. Thank you for sharing your story and we hope that you’ll continue with the exercises after the treatment to manage the pain

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