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Neck Pain

"“I have this neck pain for quite some years. Have gone for treatment to some clinics and saw a few doctors, Western & Traditional. Found that 4-5 cervicals have been worn off due to old age (wear & tear) as was told. While looking and searching in the Net about neck pain, I came across YAPCHANKOR and decided to give a try as YCK was treating patients with traditional and [physiotherapy] (Western) mix. I was treated for a few months and feel the pain is not serious as [when] I first came in.  Due to my age, the pain will still be there due to wear & tear and I have to maintain with exercises. As for Ms. Vicky, she is a very patient and caring person and would like to thank her for the services rendered.” – Lim PK"
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Neck pain patient, Mr. Lim, found us online and decided to give us a try after consulting various other medical options, both conventional and alternative. We managed to control his neck pain and taught him some exercises to maintain its strength and flexibility. Thank you for sharing your story here!


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