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Achilles Tendon

"“I hurt my ankle while doing boot camp session. I did not feel anything unless I stretch my leg. Besides, it did not affect my daily activities. The pain continues for about 3 weeks and it didn’t fade away at all. After that I decided to visit YAPCHANKOR and the pain is reduced rather fast with just few treatments. Some exercises were recommended in order to prevent further injuries. After all, the services are good and it worth every penny spent.” – Lim SK"
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Lim hurt her achilles tendon after boot camp, but because it did not affect her day to day activities, she decided to let her body solve it. Sometimes that works, but in this case, after 3 weeks the pain didn’t go away. We helped resolve the pain in a short 2 weeks and to improve the strength around her achilles tendon region. Thanks for sharing your story here!


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