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Knee Osteoarthritis

""I have knee pain for a long time. The pain will be intense when I had to stand long time. It was a fall that cause more pain that I had to seek treatment. After a few treatments, I can feel "lightness" in both my knees. The pain is not as intense as before and I can walk or stand for long period. The same goes with my shoulder, which I couldn't lift up my arm up to my ear. Now I can. My physiotherapist, Cik Janna, is very patient and attentive to my pain management. Keep up the good treatment. Thank you for everything." - Madam Chia"
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Knee osteoarthritis patient Madam Chia sought treatment at YAPCHANKOR after a fall caused her knees to hurt even more than before. She also had a stiff shoulder and our physiotherapist treated her with our proprietary Chinese medicine, together with physical therapy modalities.


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