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Knee Osteoarthritis

"Madam Lim suffered from knee OA or osteoarthritis for a long period of time but because of her fear of surgery, she never sought treatment. When she found out about our non-surgical and non-invasive treatment, she decided to give it a try, particularly since she really wanted to enjoy her holiday in Bangkok. Knee OA is a terrible disease that affects middle aged people everywhere, and is slightly more prevalent in women. Madam Lim had trouble walking, which as you may expect, really prevented her from going about her life normally. She underwent 3 weeks of sessions with us, and came out of it a lot better in terms of her pain levels, allowing her to enjoy her time in Bangkok. We have treated knee OA cases a lot, and generally the results have been good, in that between patients see a 75-85% reduction in pain levels from the beginning to end of the treatment on average. Thank you Madam Lim for sharing your story!"
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“I have ‘O’ shaped legs for quite some time, it caused me to suffer from pain everytime I walk for a distance. Besides that, I have stiff shoulders and neck too due to my working posture. I never been for any therapies or treatment as I worried of surgery like replacement of knee cap till I heard about YAP CHAN KOR. I give it a try for the 21 times treatment plan and now I feel better when I walk, especially during my holiday in Bangkok. The pain is still there but as compared to previously, it improved a lot. Thanks so much to the physiotherapist who attended me, like Vaharli, Bella Lai Thing and Sue.” – Lim S.L.

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