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Meniscus Injury

"Encik Marzuki was an avid golfer who came to see us after his general practitioner (GP) doctor referred him. He had knee pain, due to a meniscus injury in both knees, and also complained of plantar fasciitis. We treated his knees with a 10 session treatment plan, which saw immediate results for him within 3 sessions, and remarkable results by the end of the treatment, as he reports that his pain level has been reduced to almost zero. Encik Marzuki can now walk again without pain, and go back to active golfing! Thank you for sharing your story!"
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“I’m quite an active golfer, playing 2-3 times a week. About 2 months ago, I developed pain in my right knee but could still walk. A month later I developed pain, this time in my left knee, [with] difficulties in walking. I was referred to YCK by Dr. Tan. After 3 days of consecutive treatments by En. Azlan, I can walk with less pain. After 10 sessions of treatment, both my knees are feeling better with no pain. Thank you to En. Azlan and YCK staff for a professional handling of the case.” – Marzuki S

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