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Mechanical Back pain

""Today is the last day of my sessions, I was able to not feel any more pain in my back""
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Mei worked as a digital artist, a new type of job for the new generation of millennial adults. But with new millennial jobs come new occupational hazards, such as the mechanical back pain she suffered from. When you are sitting at work too much, and not exercising enough, your back muscles will start to weaken. This will increase your chances of getting lower back pain. Mei suffered from mechanical back pain that started to compress some nerves, which led to feelings of numbness and discomfort down her legs.

So when you are sitting at your desk job, try to stand and walk around more every couple of hours. Also do some desk exercises and work out your core muscles more during your exercises. Thank you Mei for sharing your recovery story here!

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Mechanical lower back pain yck_yapchankor_mei_anitha
"I obtained this injury because my occupation is a digital artist. That means having to sit in front of the computer for long hours, never taking breaks in between. On the first day of treatment, I seek help because the pain had constantly extended to both legs, numbing them and causing extreme discomfort in my work. After 3 to 5 days of treatment, the pain was slowly coming and going. It was definitely better than before. Today is the last day of my sessions, I was able to not feel any more pain in my back. Moreover, I was given enough proper instructions by Anita to help fix my sitting and overall standing posture. Because before this, slouching is my favourite dance move and sitting posture XD haha." - Mei