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Frozen Shoulder

"Mike had a frozen shoulder problem that prevented him from golfing and fishing for 2 years! He tried many treatments, both conventional and alternative but nothing worked till he came to see us. Now he’s back to his old joys of golf and fishing! Thanks for sharing your story here Mike!"
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“Thank you to YAPCHANKOR and its wonderful staff. I had frozen shoulder for two years and had tried many therapies, traditional, Western therapy and acupuncture. None of them seemed to work. I was referred by a friend to come here to YAPCHANKOR and Wow! What an amazing difference it made to my recovery. I am now enjoying golf and fishing where I could not do these things before. Feel certain if they say they can help you they will. Bella, you are very attentive and understanding and thank you.  

My thanks also to Ganesh and Arwin for your help as well. You are all very good at what you do here.” – Mike M

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