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Injury from Horse Riding

"“I suffered an ankle sprain after falling from a horse. I sought out immediate treatment for two sessions then returned to Hong Kong for a month, during the time pain still persisted and I couldn’t bend my ankle or walk properly. I returned to Malaysia for another month undergoing further therapy sessions here under Anitha’s care, my injury improved a lot after 10 sessions but the ankle is still tight and hurts a little when I stretch it too far. The treatment I received here seemed more effective compared to the bone-setting and physiotherapy doctors I visited when in Hong Kong. Anitha was also very helpful in answering my questions about my injury and the healing process. I felt comfortable under her care.” – Natalie"
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Natalie’s ankle sprain was from an injury from horse riding. More interestingly, in Hong Kong, she was treated by various bone-setting doctors and physiotherapists, which did not help her ankle sprain injury. She only got better with our treatment, which combines Shaolin medicine herbs with physiotherapy to treat joint injuries such as ankle sprains, tennis elbow or shoulder conditions.

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