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ACL injury

"“I’ve been informed by doctor that I have an ACL (injury) and doctor suggested to go for operation. I’m a regular hiker and always participate in outdoor and running events. I tried to find alternative treatment instead of going for an operation. After few treatments with YCK, I’m able to walk properly and can slowly go up and down properly. After few months of treatment, I started to jog and go for light hiking. Thanks to my therapist, as she is doing her best to treat me and at last, I’m able to run and hike again. She has provided me the proper guidance on the exercise and warm up sessions to help me start with my activities (again).” – Nurbaizura"
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Ms. Nurbaizura suffered from an ACL injury in her knee and fortunately, our treatment saved her from an invasive knee surgery that would also have cost her many thousands of ringgit. We use our proven Chinese medicine patches to help with the pain and inflammation and combine that with physiotherapy. This treatment is absolutely unique to us and has helped thousands of people since 1979. Thank you for sharing your story Ms. Nurbaizura and happy hiking!

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