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Bilateral Knee Osteoarthritis

"“I was diagnosed with having OA since 2011. I’ve been treated by doctor since then but the pain still persisted. I decided to find another option to treat my knees, when I came to know about Yap Chan Kor. The medicine and physiotherapy done has made me feel better. Even though the pain is still there, but I feel much better and can stand and walk longer and faster. Thanks to Yap Chan Kor and the physiotherapist Raihan.” – Rosni"
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Puan Rosni suffered from bilateral knee OA (osteoarthritis) for 5 years. She was treated with painkillers mainly by her doctor, but the treatment did not help reduce her pain. She lost functional movement, and could not stand or walk for long, let alone walk fast. Only 2 weeks of treatment with us at YAPCHANKOR helped reduce her pain significantly enough that she was able to regain function (walking and standing for longer periods). She could probably use another week of treatment since her condition is usually treated a little longer at our centres, but nonetheless, we are happy to see that she has progressed this far. Thank you again Puan Rosni for sharing your story here.

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