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Ankle Injury

"“The treatment and the staff are excellent. I feel very happy coming to Yap Chan Kor. I have personally recommended few other clients. My ankle injury recovery is very fast. After 9 sessions I started my gym activity. I will definitely recommend YCK to my friends. Brian is a good, knowledgeable and very friendly guy. I will recommend him to my friends too.” – Siva"
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Thanks for the referrals and recommendation! Siva suffered from an ankle injury which is a relatively common musculoskeletal injury that we treat at YAPCHANKOR. Ankle injuries can be due to sprains or tendon strains. In Siva’s case, his ankle injury prevented him from doing his gym routine. After just 2 weeks with us, he was back at his gym and he has referred several other patients to us. Thank you again Siva!

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