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Ankle sprain

"Suadah had a chronic ankle sprain which didn’t recover well. Her pain continued into the 3rd week even though her doctor told her that it would heal within 2 weeks. We are glad that she has recovered, and now can “walk like a model!” Thanks for sharing your story here Suadah!"
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“Got injured on 2nd June 2016 coz I fell down stairs. Went to clinic and the doc said it was an ankle sprain. Will take 2 weeks to recover but unfortunately it wasn’t ok till the 3rd week. Google any physio treatment and found Yap Chan Kor. Making appointment and got the treatment by Mr. Azlan. He is super duper best! Gave me some advice and best treatment for me to recover. After 10 sessions with him, now I have recovered from pain and can walk like a model! So me would like to say a huge thank you to Yap Chan Kor esp Mr. Azlan for all your help in the physio treatment over the last few weeks with my recovery and support me through my treatment. Will recommend to others, for sure. THANK YOU”

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