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Frozen Shoulder

"After our treatment for her frozen shoulder, which lasted only 14 sessions over 3 weeks or so, near full range of motion was returned: her abduction and adduction movement was 0 to 150 degrees, flexion was 0 to 175 degrees and rotation was 0 to 90 degrees. With exercises her shoulder will continue to regain strength and improve. Her case is a clear example that our treatment offers a superior option to patients with frozen shoulder, as it is non-invasive, fast and effective, and cheaper overall compared to mainstream and other alternative options. Thank you Tamilsevi for sharing your story here!"
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Madam Tamilsevi, 54, suffered from a frozen shoulder, which came from her work as a dance instructor and volunteer at a social organisation. When she came, she had already visited an alternative Chinese centre in Puchong for 1 month, but the pain came back more severely 2 months after the treatment ended. Then a friend recommended us to her, and she signed up for a 14-session treatment plan. Initially, she had very limited range of motion as noted below. She could hardly get her work done, finding it very difficult to write and file documents because of the pain. However, after our treatment, her pain levels came down very significantly, and she regained full range of motion, and was able to get back to living her life free of pain.

At first, her range of motion was extremely limited:

1) Abduction & adduction movement was limited to 0 to 60 degrees only;

Abduction and Adduction

2) Flexion was 0-110 degrees;


3) Internal & external Rotation 0-30 degrees only, i.e. she could hardly turn her arm;


“I am a dance tutor (Indian classical dance). The pain came all of a sudden. After sometime it became bad and the pain was excruciating. A friend of mine introduced me to YAPCHANKOR. After coming for the treatment, I felt very much better. I really have to thank YAPCHANKOR and the physiotherapist Ms. Vegeneswary for her kind, gentle and patient treatment.” – P. Tamilsevi,

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