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Ankle Sprain

"Mr. Tee had an ankle sprain in a ligament but did not realise the extent of the injury till one day when he woke up and felt some discomfort. This pain didn’t bother him till he went to work, and then it kept getting more and more serious till he was limping badly. His colleague recommended he see us, and our physiotherapist at Subang Jaya attended to his case. After just 10 days of treatment, his pain has disappeared and he has recovered function in his ankle. Ankle sprain cases are very common injuries that we treat at our centres, whether acute or chronic. Thank you Mr. Tee for sharing your recovery here!"
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“One day, when I woke up from bed, I felt my left leg was [in] pain, but it [didn’t hurt] until I can’t walk, so I didn’t care about it…thought it was just normal and I went to work as usual. But the time when I was working, the pain [kept] getting serious until I couldn’t walk properly. Then my colleague suggested me that I got for YAPCHANKOR because she tried before and says that it is good. So I made an appointment and looked for treatment. Ms. Siva who attended to me and recommended me the treatment after she checked my leg. After few treatments, my leg doesn’t feel that pain anymore and now after the treatment, my leg has recovered from the pain. I feel very happy and satisfied with the service and treatment that I have at YAPCHANKOR. (Credit to Ms. Siva).” – Tee KJ

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