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Knee Injury

"“I want to just say a big Thanks to Sangitha and Siva for their help and care during my treatment with you. From a simple walk down a very steep hill lead me to seek treatment with Yap Chan Kor and I am glad that I did. It is with full confidence that has led me to benefit from traditional medicine through the patch and modern approach through physiotherapy. It is this combination that has made my injury healed and with continuing exercise advice, I hope to gain optimum motion to my injured knee. Thanks again.” – Wendy"
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Thanks Wendy for your glowing testimonial! We are glad we were able to fix your knee, and glad to hear you are on the path to long term recovery. Wendy suffered from a knee injury from climbing a hill that strained her meniscus. She underwent 21 sessions with us and we have managed to fix her knee. With a home exercise program taught by our physiotherapists, she should be well on her way to regain normal function in her knee. Thanks again Wendy!

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