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Knee Osteoarthritis

"“The pain has reduced to 80%. The 20% will come if I do not done any stretching on my legs. The physio exercises which I have benefit taught by Joy. Overall, I would like to thank Joy gave me the encouragement, the knowledge of handling the pain, the prayers and her good massage with the best patches from Yap Chan Kor.” – Wendy"
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The actives in the patches help with reducing inflammation and promoting healing, resulting in successes like Wendy’s case, where we have managed to give her back long-term function with minor everyday management for the remaining pain. 80% reduction in pain, and improvement in functional abilities is a common result with our knee OA cases, which is also accomplished in a remarkably short 2-3 weeks, compared to many months of painkillers.

Thanks Wendy for sharing your story!

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