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Ankle Sprain

"Yani came to us after suffering from a chronic ankle sprain for over 1 month. She had previously visited a GP, who only gave her some painkillers and gels to apply. These didn’t really help her, as she continued to suffer pain and her ankle remained swollen. When her friend recommended her to us, she chose to try a 7 session treatment plan, which over the course of the week, managed to reduce her pain and swelling substantially. In our opinion, she could have benefited from a few more sessions given the chronic nature of her case (i.e. it’s an ankle sprain injury that is over 1 month old)."
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“I sprained my right ankle during a badminton game & zumba exercise. The ankle became swollen and painful. After 3 times went to clinic, the doctor just gave me painkiller and gel to apply on my ankle. About 1 month suffering on my injury, my friend introduced me to YCK. I made an appointment for the treatment. After the several treatments, the pain and [swelling] on the ankle more reduced. Even though it is not 100% fully recovered, the physiotherapist taught me a lot of exercise which could help me to improve my condition even after the treatment. I thoroughly appreciated their service.” – Yani 

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