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Ankle Sprain

"“My first meet at Yap Chan Kor is in Year 2014. During that time I had a bad injury on my leg. After taking 10 treatments it became better. After that, it did not happen [recur] again. This year 2016 January, it came back again [referring to ankle sprains in general, not the previous ankle] and revisit and taken a treatment.  I believe Yap Chan Kor is able to resolve my leg issues and also the services are great.” – Yeoh"
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Ankle sprain patient Mr. Yeoh previously treated his ankle in 2014. After our treatment, the injury did not recur, which is the major risk of ankle sprain cases. However, in 2016, he sprained his other ankle instead, and came to see us again. The condition was a chronic ankle sprain and required 2 weeks of sessions with us.

Our goal with all our patients is long-term recovery, not just temporary relief. This is the major difference between YAPCHANKOR and our competitors, which we hope patients will understand. The main reason we can achieve long term recovery is because we use a combination of our proprietary herbal medicine together with modern physiotherapy, combining the best of both Chinese medicine and allopathic medicine.

Thank you Mr. Yeoh for sharing your story with us!

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