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Ankle Ligament Sprain

"Zechariah did the right thing by coming to see us immediately after he sprained his ankle playing futsal. It was a pretty serious ankle ligament sprain but with the help of our proprietary medicine and physiotherapists, we were able to treat Zechariah in just 7 sessions. Thank you for sharing your story and we wish you the best in your sporting life"
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“I injured my ankle whilst playing futsal. Initially my ankle had swollen to twice its original diameter. Thankfully I was able to schedule an appointment with Joy the very next day. I found the team here at YAPCHANKOR very professional and hospitable, and I thoroughly appreciate their service. I’ve made a nearly full recovery from being unable to walk to being able to run and jump around in just one month…truly amazing. I believe that with the rehabilitation techniques I’ve been taught, I will come out even stronger than before.” – Zechariah Lo