Be Your Own Boss | Franchise Opportunity

If you’re a physiotherapist in Asia, you know that you’ve chosen a challenging career for yourself. Most of you chose to be physiotherapists because you have a nurturing and caring nature, and you want to help people. The career path, however, can feel limiting because the pay at either a government hospital or a private clinic is okay, but it is not going to give you a lot of financial freedom.

Some of you may be considering setting off on your own. You dream about setting up your own clinic and becoming your own boss. Before you jump straight in, you have to think like a smart entrepreneur. Consider the competitive landscape – how many other private physiotherapy clinics are out there? What will differentiate you so that a patient will choose your clinic instead of the competitor down the road?

In fact, the physiotherapy competitive landscape is very competitive. There is little differentiation between clinics, and there are thousands of physiotherapists each year graduating, many of whom will also want to set up their own clinics one day. Many physiotherapy centres try to differentiate themselves with more advanced techniques and equipment. But the training and capital costs are high for these, and there will always be better capitalised physiotherapy clinics out there.

Moreover, your competition is not just the physiotherapist. In the area of pain relief therapy, you have to also compete with chiropractors, osteopaths, massage therapists, sports doctors, and hospitals. These are also mushrooming all over the country. Patients are faced with more choice today.

So if you’re considering becoming your own boss, a better option is to choose a franchise with a strong differentiated service like YAPCHANKOR. We provide a one-of-a-kind service to joint and muscle patients, and are pioneers in combining physiotherapy with time-tested and proven Chinese medicine. Our patients recover much faster than using other therapies, and for the long term.

Our franchise program aims to build a strong team of franchisees who come from a physiotherapy background, who show a dedication to people’s wellbeing and who have a strong desire to succeed on their own. If you are thinking about owning your own physiotherapy centre, please talk to us as an option. You can reach us at