Is Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome the Only Option?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a term that is heard more and more in today’s modern sedentary life. The carpal tunnel is ‘tunnel’ that connects your forearm with your hand, and it contains multiple tendons and the median nerve. When the tendons get inflamed and swell up, they may compress the median nerve, which results in symptoms like numbness, pain and tingling sensations in the fingers. This is what is known as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Repetitive motion in work with the wrist seems to be a contributing factor, alongside lack of physical activity, obesity or previous wrist injuries.

Recently we treated a 63 year old female patient who had suffered from this problem for almost 20 years. But in the last month before she came to see us, the symptoms became worse. Severe numbness in her fingers and electrical shocks down her arm when she accidentally hit her hand against something became more intense. In the video above, you can see that she can hardly form a fist, and her movement is very slow.

Her doctor had told her that surgery was the only option if the neurobion he prescribed didn’t work. It’s hard to see how Neurobion would treat the root cause of her carpal tunnel syndrome, which was the compression of the medial nerve by inflamed and swollen tendons. Neurobion is a Vitamin B supplement that supposedly improves nerve health. Well, in her case, it certainly did not help and she was debating surgery to relieve her symptoms.

As you can see in the video we posted of her progress, we were able to reverse 20 years of symptoms in just 3 weeks of treatment sessions. The before and after video shows how significantly her grip strength and movement flexibility improved. Her numbness also reduced by 50%. These results were achieved without any surgery. Without the risks of the months-long rehab that typically follow cutting open the wrist to do the ‘carpal tunnel release’ operation.

Her treatment consisted of wrapping our proven Chinese medicine patches around her wrist after each physiotherapy session. Our recovery plan is a comprehensive treatment targeting the 3 different phases of soft tissue recovery, with our physiotherapists applying different modalities at each phase. But most importantly, these results can only be achieved at our centre because we combine physiotherapy with our proven medicine to reduce inflammation and pain. After each session we applied the medicine, and this is the key to our consistently strong recovery results for any patient we treat with carpal tunnel syndrome.